View Full Version : FS: Counterpoint SA-1000 Pre Amp - Lower Price

Greg Rogers
July 8th 03, 03:52 AM
Counterpoint SA-1000. Silver anodize aluminum faceplate. Cosmetically it
is in very good shape. This is a sweet little pre with a very nice phono
section. It features an all tube phono stage and a tube/MOSFET line
stage. The unit has two 12AX7 (RCA) tubes in the phono stage and a
single 6DJ8 (Dumont) in the line stage. Output buffering is provided by
small signal MOSFET source-followers. There are two gain stages in the
phono section with passive RIAA equalization. The line stage is a
single stage. There is no loop feedback. Two gain settings are available
for phono (MM/MC), plus four line-level inputs. There are single pairs
of tape out and main out. Input Selector, Tape monitor, Balance, Volume,
Mute and Power controls. The amp is from the late 80s/early 90s. This
unit can also be upgraded by Mike Elliot (original Counterpoint
designer/owner). Or it is easily upgradeable by you. Have original box,
manual & copy of service manual. Original retail price: $1,195

This is a great pre for the money. The amp has real low hours. I am the
second owner and over the last 5 years I haven't put more than 30
(probably <20) hours on it. The original owner also had it stored for
several years before I bought it.

Price: $315 incl. shipping in lower 48.

Go to www.altavistaaudio.com for info on the upgrades or repair.

Have semi-decent jpegs if interested.