View Full Version : WTB Paramount Pictures / TIC omnispeaker GS3

July 3rd 03, 02:42 AM

I am looking to find a pair or so of the Original Paramount Pictures GS3
Outdoor Inground Omnispeaker. These speakers are about 12 inches tall and
have a 8 inch poly woofer and a small 2 inch tweeter attached to the top of
the inner cabinet. I am looking for these because I recently bought a pair
of e-bay and they sound excellent. My neighbor has a new pair of the Gs3t
speakers from TIC and let me tell you the older ones with the Paramount
label on the top sound better. I know TIC made them originally but the older
ones are the better ones. If you have a pair in good shape please e-mail me
at and if the price you are asking is reasonable I
will be glad to buy them.

Thanks all for your time