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July 2nd 03, 05:56 PM
$99.00 OR BEST OFFER...

Robert Morein
July 2nd 03, 08:16 PM
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> $99.00 OR BEST

Bluebook value, $13

Bob Morein.
Failed student.
Failed Temple University
Ejected from Grad program after seven years
Ejected from Drexel University after dissertation judged "bull**** nonsense"
Sued Drexel and Lost
Went to Supreme Court, but those pricks just laughed at me.
But I get even with studentsandthelaw.org my harassment site.
My poor jewish mother Jane Morein died with a broken heart, watching this
poor twisted loser fail at everything I've ever done.
Daddy Sylvan Morein, who studied hard and became a fair to middlin' dentist,
is now stuck at home with his loser son; unwanted by life.
But I've discovered at last my calling: INTERNET WACKO!

Man, am I a Loser!
Keywords: FNQFTA, Far North Queensland Film and Television Association

Robert Morein
July 2nd 03, 09:17 PM
"Robert Morein" > wrote in message
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> > $99.00 OR BEST
> Bluebook value, $13
Simply a lie, from r.a.m.'s notorious liar, swindler, scammer, slammer, and

> --
Bad boy, Brian.
I gave you a couple days grace to straighten out.
We're going to go back to work on your case forthwith.
We're going to give you YAB (Yet Another Boomerang).

One thing you don't seem to understand, Brian, is that We are one step ahead
of you.
If you enjoy having your reputation ruined by the truth, you must be
It's an ongoing process which I enjoy immensely.

Clicking on the banner of Brian L. McCarty's website,
http://www.worldjazz.com, produces the following link:
"Not Found
The requested URL /(http://www.k1ventures.com/) was not found on this
server. "

"Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an
ErrorDocument to handle the request."

Unfortunately for Brian, he has no ties to K1 Ventures. The link implies an
association that is not there.
He has been warned to remove the "Broadcast India" logo from his website.
He has been warned to remove the "IBC 2003" logo from his website.

Someday, Brian, if you regain your sanity, you may want to walk through a
few doors without it being known that you do these things.

Brian, we're going to get another Boomerang ready for you.

Because Brian does not learn from suffering, he is about to experience the
Boomerang Phenomena again.

Let's now continue onto the backgrounder, while we wait for the Boomerang to
come around and knock Brian again.

The keyword is: BOOMERANG.
McCarty ran "Coral Sea Studios" into the ground.
In the finale, the studio owed it's employees $270,000. The Australian
government picked up the tab, except for Brian, who common sense declares
the culprit in this business debacle.

Ever since, Brian has been simultaneously trying to get back into business,
while slamming honest people on r.a.m. This psycho doesn't understand the
principle of the boomerang, even though he lives in Australia.

The two don't mix, because of an ongoing effort that tracks the activities
of McCarty, and notifies victims of possible intellectual property
infringement. Already, the organizers of Broadcast India have made it known
he will not be welcome there.

The latest in the saga of Brian L. McCarty's sticky fingers is his
unauthorized use of the Broadcast India 2003 logo on his website,

The organizers have been notified, and are angry at this misappropriation of
intellectual property.

And then there's the separate "French Jazz Affair."

Without getting too specific, it appeared that McCarty was pretending to act
as a producer, or facilitator, or syndicator for a longtime radio host who
has a syndicated jazz music program. McCarty was crediting himself, and his
WorldJAZZ scam, but the radio host knew nothing about it.

It seems possible that McCarty is also imagining that the properties which
he sold to BET are still his. Brian, they aren't. Keep your sticky fingers
off musical performances that belong to Viacom, or I'll come after you.

I will continue to minutely examine McCarty's activities.

We have a team of 4 watching McCarty 24 hours a day.

Anytime he tries something illegitimate, he will be short-circuited.

Brian L. McCarty is apparently busy with his scissors and library paste as
he moves the clipart around on his website, http://www.coralseastudios.com .
There is NOTHING on this website except how to contact a fake front man,
"David C.L. Feng", who has a Hotmail address, LOL.

And his other website, http://www.worldjazz.com is even worse. McCarty has
removed the fake link to K1 Ventures which formerly appeared when you
clicked on the banner, but the rest of the website is just a counter that I
seem to be the only person who increments.

The website claims to have found hackers:
Where the link points swings around like a weather vane. Yesterday it
pointed to Martha Stewart, with whom McCarty has little in common.

but there's nothing to hack!

We are currently investigating whether McCarty has made claims regarding
ownership of musical performance recordings, and purveys them to third

Are WorldJAZZ's musical properties stolen?
Does Brian L. McCarty own the musical properties he claims to own?
Does Brian L. McCarty make a warranty to investors?

We're finding all of this out.

WorldJAZZ, a very questionable business enterprise, tries to associate
itself with legitimate broadcasters.
McCarty's own domain name, WorldJAZZ, is registered to a false name, David

That's all you can do, Brian.
The price you pay for your mischief is nobody will go into business with

The tradeoff is clear: Brian slanders and lies on R.A.M. = loss of business
As long as you want to keep shooting yourself in the foot, we'll supply the

Attention all residents of Oz, particularly in the vicinity of Trinity
Beach, Cairns, Australia.
You have a piece of Yank scum living with you, for which we apologize as a
nation. His name is Brian L. McCarty, and he has forged the scurrilous post
reproduced below.

Following the reproduction is a backgrounder on McCarty.



The above is yet another forgery by Brian L. McCarty.
Talk about fake!!!

A couple of weekends ago, one of Brian's two websites,
http://www.worldjazz.com, fluctuated between Brian's placeholder website and
redirection to bet.com, as Brian decides how much he
wants to contest with BET who owns the website.
Now, as BET is a billion dollar company, and Brian is a fat man in a little
condo, guess who's gonna win? Watch the link carefully, and bet on how long
he can hold out.

When the inevitable occurs, Brian won't have the Worldjazz domain, which he
may not have any claim to anyway.
All the while he was trying to stick it to people for "unregistered
business", etc., it may turn out he didn't have the rights to use
http://www.worldjazz.com .

Brian still has one website left, composed entirely of clip art.
Since he insists on picking on Ken, let's get out the dynamite and do



From Brian's very own fake website, we have:
Information for Asia-Pacific region, contact David C. L. Feng at

Now why would Brian L. McCarty, if he's running a legitimate business, use a
hotmail address for a business contact?

The answer is simple: David C.L. Feng is a FAKE PERSON. He doesn't exist.

Why would Brian think a forger sitting in a $20K condo by the Coral Sea has
If you think it's true, Brian, say it as yourself.
Of course, I'll be there to set the record straight on who you are, what you
are, and why your twisted mind actually appears to enjoy being disliked.

Brian, you could have had it all. You made a big score, and let it all leak
away. Your "friends" hate you. Jeff Wexler won't talk to you. There may
still be a world of opportunity for you somewhere, but thousands of people
read what you do here. Do you expect them to walk in the door, even if you
manage to cobble together a tiny one-room version of Coral Sea Studios? You
can't be a world-reknowned psychotic weirdo, and expect people to want to do
business with you.

Every time you post here, Brian, is a nail in your coffin. I hope you don't
take it out on your wife and kids. Do you hit her? Do you yell at your son
or deny him your affection? These are terrible things, Brian.

If there were any truth to it, one would wonder why McCarty would feel
compelled to forge it in my name.

Simply a LIE from Brian L. McCarty, r.a.m.'s notorious identity thief, liar,
swindler, scammer, and ne'erdowell.

It's an odd symptom of McCarty's sickly mind.
At the same time he's trying to grow his tiny (or nonexistent!) studio
business, Green Dolphin Media, he forges slanderous lies which make him
immensely unpopular.

Will he ever figure out that he's destroying himself? I doubt it.

Brian L McCarty, R.A.M'.S NOTORIOUS LIAR, lives above the shop of his
nonexistent studio at:

Green Dolphin Media
65 Vasey Esplanade
Cairns QLD 4870

where he maintains an empty website full of never-to-be-fullfilled promises,
http://www.coralseastudios.com and http://www.worldjazz.com

McCarty has just redone his website, removing the egregious false
He still keeps the nonexistent "David C. L. Feng " as "Asian Market
Coordinator", somehow believing that Asians prefer not to deal with a fat

Maybe Mr. Brian "Enron" L. McCarty can explain what happened to the $270,000
he owes
his employees?

The Face Behind the Mask:


The Voice Behind the Curtain:


David C.L. Feng, David Ellison, Huang, Ying Hong, 80 Raffles Place,
Coral Sea Studios, WorldJazz, Enron, K1 Ventures,
Trinity Beach, Cairns, Australia, Boomerang

William Sommerwerck
July 2nd 03, 09:20 PM
Perhaps, but year after year, eBay buyers gladly pay as much as $150 for a
working Model 13 in mint condition.

The "value" of something is what it actually sells for. And the Model 13 shows a
remarkable consistency in what people are willing to pay for it. I've never seen
a working one go for less than $100.

> Bluebook value, $13